Nike Air Presto

Sadly these did NOT last long on Nike's Clearance portion of their site, and by the time I had received them they were already gone, BUT the Nike Air Presto's are hands down some of my favorite casual comfortable Nike shoes. I love slipping these on when walking outside, or having them as a casual sneaker to be worn with jeans. I highly recommend picking yourself up a pair, full price, clearance, whatever as they are amazing shoes, a classic, and will always be dependable, and in style. 





East Coast people, and people who live in places of COLD weather, and snow, keep an eye out on the section because their Nike Air Presto Utility which is ALL LEATHER I am sure will be going on sale soon with Spring Quickly Approaching. 

Nike Air Presto Utilities:



Nike Lunar Epic Flyknit (Running Shoes)

They have finally gone on sale, and now it is time to see what they are all about. So far I absolutely love them, I love the fit the feel, and how comfy they are when running. Nike has done an awesome job really making your foot feel as if they are running free floating on top of a cushy yet stable running platform.

I found mine at the Nike outlet in Orange CA, but from traveling around to multiple Nike Factory stores I found them in other locations as well for around $100! That is a savings of $75 which I would not recommend spending on these shoes as they are already the old model, BUT still just as amazing as the new model minus the new weatherproof flyknit they have released. 

Click this link for the Nike Lunar Epic Flyknit's on sale for $149.97


Click this link for the newer version full price of the Nike Lunar Epic Shield now on sale from $200 for $169.97:

Free New Years 30 Day Fitness/Nutrition Challenge

Its almost time for the new year, and I wanted to launch another free 30 day challenge in which people could take the opportunity to make a real change in their lives if they were willing to. I have always believed that fitness should not be a commodity, but readily available to anyone who was interested in bettering themselves. From this we have created a community in which people take part, and make a change in their lives for the better. With this challenge we will break the 1,000 participant mark which I could not be more humbled, and proud!

Mae sure to sign up now for the challenge as it begins on January 1st and will run through January 31st!


I asked good friends of mine at Innovative Results to design a body weight routine for this challenge as people have always been asking for me to add this into the previous challenge. Marcus Martinez who is an On It Academy Certified Kettlebell master has taken the time to design a Kettlebell strength program in which he has added into the challenge as well. We aim to give you as many options as possible when increasing your knowledge about fitness. Make sure to check out their websites below!

Instagram: @Innovativeresults & @Battleropeexersizes

Owner / Main Contact Aaron Guyett


Marcus Martinez

Instagram: @Kettlebellexersizes

Owner / Main Contact Marcus Martinez

Comparative Advantage (The Best Business Term)

A couple weeks ago, I released one of my favorite videos I have done recently. "Comparative Advantage" is the most important business term I have learned, and consciously implement on a daily basis. 

I strive to be conscious on how I am perceived by others, NOT for the importance of being accepted, but the importance of self awareness. Continue to push yourself to learn MORE about your personality, and its strengths. The more humble you are when able to identify your personality flaws, will allow you to find people to compliment your flaws with their strengths. 

You Deserve More. 

Watch the full video below.

Intermittent Fasting (IMF as a Lifestyle) Fat Loss / Weight Loss/ Success!

Its finally here! The long awaited video for my personal experience with Intermittent Fasting. I must be honest and say that a lot of my weight loss was due to this, and the more research I did on IMF the more intrigued I became. 

This fit my lifestyle perfectly, and even a week into the fasting process I saw strength gains, and weight loss, and continued to see this throughout my cut. Take a minute to check out the video, because there are multiple types of fasts, and these can be adapted to fit your lifestyle. Remember in order for this to stick it cannot be a fad, or a flavor of the week, IT MUST become a new lifestyle. Build a new habit, and change your beliefs. 

Let me know what you think of the video in a comment below, share with friends, and as always further educate yourself wherever you can.


If you are driving, and would like to listen to the audio version feel free to click the link below for my soundcloud/podcast.