Only recently have I started to take time and smell the roses...

Prior my life was extremely fast paced and always focused on the next place I had to be, the job and task at hand, and never once did I think about putting myself first, let alone my health. That all changed when I wrecked my motorcycle when moving across the country from New York City - Orange County California. 

I was instantly forced to look inwards and begin soul searching to make sure that if in that one split second it was the end was I happy? Was everything I was so focused on bettering me as a person?

In reality it was not. I decided to make a change, and finally with the support of loved ones set a date to quit smoking the pack and a half a day, and cut out the nightly 6 pack. The day had come, and I smoked my last cigarette, and had my last beer while talking to my father who was visiting at the time. 
The following weeks I would run every other day, and do some light kettle bell training in my back yards with little to no results. In a desperate effort my girlfriend asked me to take part in a 30 Day Clean eating challenge she wanted to do, and thankfully I did. This completely changed the way I view food, and how it is fuel for the body. In the 30 days with my normal work out routine I had seen a significant weight loss of 15 lbs or so which was easily the most to date. I decided that I would continue eating a similar diet, and track my intake and calories seeing what had changed on this challenge from before. I hesitantly joined a gym in search of the next step in my personal fitness journey, and began tracking my food intake and this is when I saw HUGE steps of success. It has been 8 months since that challenge, and the photos below show my personal transformation.

I since then have launched a similar 30 Day Challenge of my own, in which I had an astonishing 350+ people reach out inquiring about my work out/diet plan as they were all so impressed with my personal transformation. I believe in my techniques, and this i have come to realize is not a crash diet, but a LifeStyle change. It is here to stay, the beliefs and science have been proven, and now I am here to help you achieve your personal goals. Big or Small it is better to have someone to hold you accountable, someone who has been there, and someone who knows how to not only motivate you but win and be successful.

Welcome to Curran Blevins Fitness.